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Pure essential oils

Sacred Frankincense


Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil (Boswellia sacra) comes from the Boswellia sacra frankincense tree and is distilled at the Young Living distillery in Oman. Sacred Frankincense is ideal for those who wish to take their spiritual journey and meditation experiences to a higher level.

Historical Data: Also known as “oliganum” or “Oil from Lebanon” the name frankincense is derived from the Medieval French word for “real incense”. Frankincense is considered the “holy anointing oil” in the Middle East and has been used in religious ceremonies for thousands of years. It was well known during the time of Christ for its anointing and healing powers and was one of the gifts given to christ at his birth. “Used to treat every concievable ill known to man”, frankincense was valued more than gold during ancient times, and only those with great wealth and abundance posessed it. Frankincense is mentioned in one of the oldest known medical records, Ebers Papyrus (dating from sixteenth century BC), an ancient Egyptian list of 877 prescriptions and recipes. Anciently, the Chinese used frankincense as a treatment for a range of ailments. Researchers today have discovered that the sesquiterpenes in frankincense help stimulate the limbic system of the brain (the center of emotions) as well as the hypothalamus, pineal and pituitary glands. The hypothalamus is the master gland of the human body, controlling the release of many hormones including thyroid and growth hormone.

In ancient Egypt, the priests and priestesses at the healing Temple of Hathor at Dendera both taught and administered the Sacred Science of essential oils. This knowledge, which was handed down by the priest/initiates for over 5,000 years is recorded on the walls of Dendera Temple. Some people believe that Jesus and Mary Magdalene participated in the Mystery School as taught at Dendera and learned the magic of the esoteric anointing oils. The Egyptian Blue Lotus, Frankincense and Myrrh, as well as spikenard, galbanum, and rose were all treasured for their healing and spiritual properties. They were kept in treasuries and guarded as fiercely as gold. There is an outer building at Dendera called the Sanatorium, where the initiates were anointed with oils by the priests in order to experience prophetic and oracular dreams. The Sanatorium was later used as a healing center, where holy water was mixed with essential oils, amulets and crystals and used for bathing to relieve physical, mental and emotional distress. The Greeks, and later the Romans, adopted this practice and carried it into Celtic Britain and Gaul, and the idea of the “spa” was born. (Information courtesy of Mary Lomando)

Frankincense is being researched and used therapeutically in European hospitals and is being investigated for its ability to improve human growth hormone production. Today, frankincense is still used worldwide for both its ceremonial and medicinal use. Frankincense can be used topically, as a dietary supplement, or diffused.

Wellness Solutions: supports the immune system, nervous system, aids normal cellular regeneration; oxygenating to cells, helps regulate emotions, provides a calming effect, reduces feelings of stress, very psycho-active, calms troubled nerves, promotes confidence and purpose and supports the body’s immune protecting ability. Sacred Frankincense also dissolves feelings of negativity while promoting feels of security; can lift your spirit when feeling lonely; reduces re-occuring nightmares; and guards your feelings of self-worth.

Fragrance: increases spiritual awareness, promotes meditation, improves attitude and uplifts spirits

How To Use:

Diffuse – In diffuser therapy, frankincense can be used for congestion and voice loss, as well as to calm the mind, reduce mental strain, cultivate internal peace, and place past obsessive states into perspective.
Blend with massage oil or in the bath – Sacred Frankincense can be blended with massage oil or diluted in the bath for circulatory support, respiratory support, exhaustion, and nightmares. It also has a good astringent effect on the skin; perks up older, more mature skin; and may assist the body in healing itself of wounds, sores, and ulcers.
Creams and lotions – Sacred Frankincense can be added to a base cream or lotion to help with general skin tone and condition while reducing oily skin, rejuvenating more mature skin, and at the same time helping wounds, ulcers, and sores heal.
Wash or use as a compress – To assist the body in healing and to lessen the appearance of scars from wounds, add a few drops of Sacred Frankincense to the water when washing a wound. For other applications, apply diluted oil directly onto the affected area or use as a compress.
You can also take Sacred Frankincense internally by placing a few drops in a capsule.
About Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil
Young Living has chosen a vendor in northern Africa near the Arabian Peninsula as its primary source for frankincense. D. Gary Young has found the frankincense from northern Africa to be the truest form of Biblical frankincense.

Did You Know?

Sacred Frankincense essential oil is distilled from Boswellia sacra frankincense trees at the Young Living distillery in Oman.
Omani frankincense is considered the rarest, most sought-after aromatic in existence.
Young Living’s Sacred Frankincense marks the first time any Westerners have experienced its unique properties.
Use Sacred Frankincense while practicing yoga, meditation, or prayer to achieve a deeper spiritual connection.

Fragrances Synthetic vs Pure

Did you know that perfumes have over 200 toxins in them? Do you really want to put them on your skin? I say no please do not. If you must wear synthetic fragrances also known as perfume please do not put them on your skin. Young Living’s therapeutic-grade™ essential oils not only are full of wonderful smells they are free of toxins. Toxins cause women a number of hormonal imbalances including thyroid issues and menstrual problems. My nose can spot a synthetic fragrance and often they will cause my head to hurt immediately.

A few of my favorite oils to use for perfumes are Ylang Ylang, Roman Chamomile and Frankincense all Young Living therapeutic-grade™ essential oils.

Young Living’s therapeutic-grade™ essential oils not only smell wonderful but offer therapeutic benefits!
I only recommend Young Living’s therapeutic-grade™ essential oils each batch is tested.

The use of essential oils is one of the most powerful yet safe healing modalities we have today. It should be considered much more in medical treatment and healing. ~ Dr. Terry Friedmann, MD

The world of natural aromatics and perfumery is based on essential oils – the volatile compounds found within aromatic plants. Essential oils function as a type of immune system for plants, and as such, those qualities can be borrowed for their therapeutic qualities by using the pure oils topically and through inhalation… thus the term aromatherapy. Simply put they are the life of a plant.

While the term ‘aromatherapy’ is relatively modern, botanical aromatics have been employed for thousands of years. Emperors have launched wars across continents in the hopes of controlling the production and supply of valuable aromatics, and they still capture our senses today.

In a world filled with synthetics, pure threaputic essential oils provide a great way to “do you body good” a rare find… I invite you to step into a world where purity and nature are the spirit, and essential oils are the heart and soul.

Many personal care products in the world today contain harmful petrochemicals and mineral oils that dehydrate the skin and clog the pores. In contrast, essential oils such as lavender are easily absorbed into the skin, oxygenating, and rehydrating. Gary Young searches worldwide for the most natural ingredients to combine with Young Living’s therapeutic-grade™ essential oils. This unique combination improves the overall health and appearance of your hair, skin, and teeth. Ingredients like wolfberry seed oil and goat’s cream create an irritant-free foundation and renowned skin benefits in everything from Wolfberry Eye Cream to Sandalwood Moisture Cream. Luxuriate in an aromatic experience while reaping the benefits of the highest-quality personal care products available.

Get started today enjoying the many benefits of Young Living’s therapeutic-grade™ essential oils. Call me @ 281-642-4550 or email today.

Blessing and Love to all!!!!

Welcome to 4 the Love of Oils

Pure Essential Oils are my addiction (love).  Let me share with you why.

Today I am healthier and drug free with the use of essential oils. When I was starting to get a sinus infection I reached for an oil and began to feel the benefits within minutes. I was able to stay away from the doctor and drugs which to me is a good thing!

What oils did I reach for:

glad you asked…Raven I put 5 drops in a capsule and Cardamon also 5 drops in a capsule. I repeated this again later that day and at night and again this morning.

Raven is a Young Living Blend it has Ravensara, Lemon, Wintergreen, Peppermint and Eucalyptus. Raven is a combination of deeply soothing therapeutic grad essential oils that will provide comfort when applied topically to the chest and throat or diffused. Or like I did I took it in a capsule internally. This blend gives relief from respiratory disease and infections such as tuberculosis, influenza, and pneumonia. It will blast the congestion (mucus) in your lungs!

Cardamom is a Young Living Single it a member of the ginger family of botanical plants. Cardamom has historical uses that include internal consumption to protect the stomach and inhalation to invigorate the mind.* Cardamom has also been used traditionally to alleviate mental fatigue and nervous strain, rheumatism, cardiac disorder, epilepsy, spasms, digestive, intestinal and urinary issues as well as menstrual irregularities.

Cardamom essential oils can be used for muscle spasms, it is also a natural anti-bacterial agent useful for lung and sinus infections as well as an expectorant and as an anti-parasitic.


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